A Meteor Shower in Spires

I was looking through my memory card today, and I found some photos of the last meteor shower that passed through Spires.


How pretty part of are these photos? Spires looks amazing lit up at night; it really is the best time to wander round town and take in the scenery.


My Mayor, Indie, taking in the view by the tower PWP

My favourite part of town at the moment is the area surrounding the tower PWP. As soon as the sun goes down and the stars come out, the red lights illuminate the town and make everything glow. When I first got New Leaf, I though the tower was meant to be the Eiffel Tower; now I know it’s a miniature version of Tokyo Tower which I had the pleasure to visit in 2017.



Make a wish!

If you press (A) as a shooting star flies past, you’ll make a wish! The next day you’ll receive a letter from Wishy the Star with a piece of furniture. I think my luck was pretty rubbish that day, because although I wished on many stars that night, all I got was a Common Wall! 

I hope you liked seeing these photos as much as I liked taking them! I’ll hopefully be back soon with a walkthrough of how Spires is looking right now. It’s still very much in development, but hopefully with some more time and elbow grease I’ll have a dream address up soon.

Indie xoxo

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