It’s Christmas Time at the Campsite

It’s currently ten days into December and I finally decided it was time to give my campsite the update it deserved.


Christmas is my favourite time of year, so it was wonderful to be able to decorate my camp to look as festive as possible. I went with two different themes- on the left side of my camp is a winter sports area, with ice skating rinks and a snowboarding arena!

Sprinkle is a skating champ!

I absolutely adore the little skating animation the campers do on the ice rink. Sprinkle has made the sweetest addition to my campsite, and I really want her in one of my Animal Crossing towns in the future! Just look at her go on that ice rink…. she’s an ice skating queen!

I can’t wait until the snow starts to settled on the ground again, it will make for some amazing winter photographs from the camp!

Stitches enjoying a hot cup of coffee by the fire

So moving on, the right side of camp is a cosy living area featuring a lovely Christmassy log fire and lots of tartan. All of the furniture in my winter campsite was won in last year’s Christmas events, and I’m hoping that as December goes on, I’ll be able to add to my decor with even more items from this year’s events too.

Even Camp Manager India is looking festive!

So that’s it! I hope you liked my Christmas campsite, and if you want to add me, my ID is 2337 9888 368. See you soon for more wintery adventures in Pocket Camp!

Indie xoxo

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2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time at the Campsite

  1. Your blog looks great! Everything looks so neat and I had fun looking around 🙂 I definitely look forward to following this blog’s journey~ ^^

    I didn’t realize Pocket Camp had skating rinks; that’s so cute and it’s something I’ve heard people have wanted in a main series game for a while (gives me hope for AC Switch). Your camp looks so cozy and festive! If it follows other games, I think it may be coated in snow tomorrow 🙂


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