Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #6

This will be just a quick lil’ Pocket Camp update, but today marks the start of another Gyroidite hunt, and this time all the Gyroidites are Toy Day themed! The aim is to collect as many Gyroidites as possible, which you can then trade in for Toy Day themed clothing.


Are you ready to get crafting?

Most of the limited-edition clothing can be crafted with Gyroidites, however some items like the Reindeer hat and the Red Nose must be crafted using leaf tickets.

There’s also a set of new Gyroidite goals for us to complete, and we have 9 days left to complete them all, with the end date being December 21st at 5.59am.

There’s plenty of new goals to keep you busy

As usual, the Gyroidites can be found on the ground and in trees throughout the different Pocket Camp areas.

I know I’m going to have fun collecting and crafting all the new clothes, and I’ll update you all later with how I get on!

Indie xoxo

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