Snow in Spires


Mayor Indie’s house with a dusting of snow

Today was the first day of the year when the snow began to stick to the ground! Spires looked magical covered in a dusting of snow, and I had so much fun walking around town, re-exploring the familiar paths which now looked so different in the snow.

Mayor Indie has also had a festive makeover with new red hair! She’s sticking with her yellow raincoat for now, but I might have to look into making some knit jumper QR codes for her.


My favourite spot in town!

It didn’t take me long to find both snowballs which were hidden throughout town. Today I managed to not accidentally destroy either of them, which was a first for me! I usually manage to roll at least one of them into a pond or river by accident!

I’ve never been very good at making perfectly proportioned snowmen, but this time I managed to make a perfect snowman on my first try!


I’m looking forward to playing Snowman Bingo throughout these snowy months, as I’ve never really played it in New Leaf before! (Shocking, I know, considering the amount of years I’ve been playing this game).


Snowman Bingo!

The town tree looked so bare without all its leaves! It’ll take me a while to get used to it, I think. Indie looked so serene just sitting there by the tree, and it made me marvel again just how wonderful the graphics are in this game.


The town tree has lost its leaves

I absolutely love winter, so it was really amazing to see my newest town covered in snow. I must have spent nearly an hour just walking round town taking in the views and visiting my favourite spots to take some festive photos!


Everywhere looks so pretty in the snow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Spires covered in snow! I’m looking forward to sharing the whole festive season with you all on my blog, so stay tuned for more snow-covered Spires!

Indie xoxo

2 thoughts on “Snow in Spires

  1. What a pretty post — Spires does look so lovely in the snow, I love the modern and cozy vibes! 🙂 It’s always fun to see your town transformed in such a dramatic way this time of year, especially since the end of Autumn can feel a little drab when the bright colors fade.

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