My Animal Crossing Switch Wishlist

So I’m desperately hoping that in January we’ll get a Nintendo Direct with some more information about the new game, but until then I thought I’d share with you my wishlist for Animal Crossing 2019 with all the features I hope they’ll include!

Some of them are realistic, some are a bit more of a stretch but a girl can dream! With that being said, let’s start the list!

1) Reptile villagers!

Lil’ cute snakes and lizards for your town. I’d be in love. I think this is a valid thing to ask for- new villagers are added with every new game, so why not include some more animals we haven’t seen before? Plus I’m a mother to 2 lizards and 5 snakes in real life, so I desperately want to have them in my town. It’s a totally selfish wish for the new game, but you know what? It could happen!

2) To be able to place PWP’s and town decor more accurately!

Also if we were able to turn and rotate them and stuff, that would be wonderful. I often found with the bench PWP’s in New Leaf that I didn’t want them to be facing the camera all the time, I’d love to have the option to turn objects outside just like we can do with the objects within our own houses.

3) More flowers! (and more flower colours please)

There’s plenty of new flower breeds and colours added in Pocket Camp, I really hope they make it over to the new game. I adore town design, in fact it’s probably my favourite aspect of the game! More flowers and more colours would just add additional variety when you’re customising your town. I love the poinsettias that have just been in the Jingle event in Pocket Camp, they would look fabulous in a winter/Christmas themed town. I also don’t think this is too unrealistic to ask- they’ve already designed the flowers and included them in Pocket Camp, so what’s to say they won’t take those designs and put them in the new game?


The Poinsettias from the recent Pocket Camp event! Source: Animal Crossing World


4) More town design and PWP themes using the Amenities styles from Pocket Camp!

Whereas in New Leaf we only had 3 themes to customise our town with: Fairytale, Modern and Zen, in Pocket Camp they’ve really gone above and beyond to create loads of new styles. Within just a year, they’ve introduced the Harmonious, Cute, Natural, Rustic, Sporty, Cool, Civic, Elegant, Modern and Hip amenity styles. Although it can be argued that the Cute, Harmonious and Civic/Modern styles are similar to the three themes from New Leaf, I really think that some if not all of these new styles will make it over to the new game. Imagine how cool a hip-themed town would be!

5) The house customisation system from HHD!

So this one I think will definitely be included. The decorating system from Happy Home Designer went down so well, I would put my life savings on the fact that it will make it over to the next game. Speaking of HHD, I want all the new furniture they introduced to be included too! I also loved the ability to be able to design buildings like shops and cafe’s. Although I doubt we’ll be able to do that in the new game, I would love for towns to have more public buildings that would be unlocked as the game progresses.


I love bushes. I put them everywhere. I just want more variety and more colours, please! On that note, maybe more other plants like bamboo?

7) A larger town.

My true love of animal crossing is landscaping towns. If towns were bigger, it would mean more room for amenities and just more STUFF. YES. GIMME. I actually think this may happen, as towns on the GameCube were bigger with 30 acres, which shrunk to 20 in New Leaf. So it would make sense that the new game -also on a home console- would have bigger towns with more acres.

8) More than 10 villagers.

If the town is bigger, gimme more virtual friends to live in it! Ideally I’d like 15 villagers,  like how it was on the GameCube.

8) More space in your pockets!

Or at least a separate storage area for tools so they don’t take up a third of your pocket space. This would definitely be so handy. Nintendo please take note!

9) Definitely more things to do with your friends when they come over. 

More mini games and stuff to do together would be great! I did like the island, but having played the game for so many years even that got stale after a while.

10) I’d love to see more shops, or different kinds of businesses.

Being able to build the cafe in your town and then work there was such a cool addition- I want more. MORE. However….. I also love the fact that the part time job at the cafe never took away from your duties as Mayor. Animal Crossing should always be relaxing, so if there are more jobs they should be in moderation to keep the slow-paced vibe of the game.

11) On that note as well maybe being able to visit places like the City we got to visit on the Wii? 

Except fleshed out a lot more so that it really did change every time you went. It could have even more stuff to do with your friends when they came over. I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

12) Different kinds of terrain.

Now, I know Nintendo will never stray too far from the original town idea that it’s stuck with all these years, but I’d love it if you could choose for some towns to be colder and some to be more tropical or arid, and they could have different kinds of bugs and fish, so the only way for you to be able to complete the museum would be to visit different towns and catch them all. This is probably my most unrealistic thing I’ve asked for so I’m not getting my hopes up, I just think this is quite a cool concept!


I have too many animal crossing amiibo cards and figures to let them go to waste!

14) Better character customisation

So this one is practically a given considering that it was introduced in Happy Home Designer, but let us be able to better choose our appearances, most notably the skin colour! This would make a big difference to players so I really hope they decide to include this in the new game.

And that’s everything on my wishlist! I definitely don’t think we’ll get it all, but I
really hope Nintendo will include some new features in the game like the ones I’ve included here. What’s on your Animal Crossing 2019 wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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