Prepping for Toy Day

With Toy Day- and Christmas- fast approaching, I realised I hadn’t done any prep for the big day in Peachtea! Toy Day begins at 6PM on December 24th, so with just 3 days left I needed to get prepping ASAP!

I had to start by getting the full Santa outfit from the Able Sisters and Kicks: the Santa Hat, Santa Pants, Santa Jacket, Santa Boots and Santa Beard. Some of these I’d already saved from last year, so it wasn’t too hard to complete the outfit.


We’re all dressed up!

Today was also the Winter Solstice, which means that it was dark outside for the whole day! Even after all of these years with Peachtea, I still love how it looks all lit up at night.


All lit up!

With my Santa outfit sorted, I started to go round and talk to all of my villagers to see if they’d tell me what they wanted for Toy Day.



Getting all of the villagers requests doesn’t take too long!

I like to make a list on my phone to keep track of which villagers have told me what they’d like, and which ones I still need to talk to. Some of the requests were pretty vague; Lolly for instance just told me she was hoping for a piece of furniture off Jingle this year. I really hope I can work out which present is meant for which villager on the day!


Got my list sorted!

Are you all prepped for Toy Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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