Happy New Year!

It’s officially New Year’s Eve and I’m so happy to be entering the new year that I did a little animation to celebrate!

I hope you like my art work as much as I like making it. In 2019 I’m hopefully aiming to post a new animation every single week (and maybe once every day for Inktober! We’ll see).

I’m really excited to see how much this will improve my art skills, as I’ve only had my graphics tablet for a couple of months – it’s a Wacom Intuos if you’re wondering – and I’m getting better with every doodle I draw!


Bob was the first thing I drew on my graphics tablet!

Bob the cat was the very first thing that I drew when I got my tablet. It’s crazy (and embarrassing) to look back at my old artwork, but it’s wonderful to see how far I’ve come already.

A very distant goal in 2019 is for me to maybe release a set of stickers or pins based on my Animal Crossing drawings? I’d really love to be able to put my artwork into a physical thing and be able to share it with all you guys! Anyways, that will be a really long way off as my drawing skills still have a looooooooooong way to go yet.

Let me know what you think of my artwork, I’d really love to know! Do you think a set of pins would be a cool idea?

Indie xoxo

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