Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Spires!

I can’t quite believe it; another year is over again! To celebrate the end of 2018, Mayor Leylandi of Peachtea went to visit Spires to bring in the new year with Mayor Indie. Both my towns have improved so much this year, it felt fitting for both my Mayors to celebrate together.


Enjoying the views!


The late night is getting to Mayor Leylandi…

With half an hour to go, they toured the town. Spires is really at its best all lit up at night, and with the festive countdown music playing it was a truly lovely moment taking in all the sights.


Isabelle always plans the best celebrations!

As the countdown approached with just 15 minutes left until midnight, it was time to head to the event plaza and enjoy the festivities there. Isabelle was waiting next to the countdown sign dressed in a snazzy suit!



Ribbot was experiencing some anxiety about entering the new year…

Even the villagers were excited for the countdown! Poor Ribbot though seemed to be anxious over how quickly the year had gone!


Julian was looking forward to 2019!

Julian was just his chill self like always, expressing his excitement for the new year. No regrets from this unicorn!


New hats!

Good ol’ Redd was there in his booth selling hats and party poppers! Leylandi and Indie had fun modelling the hats in a quick jaunt round town again to kill some time before the countdown started!


… Just one minute left! …






Celebratory party poppers were the perfect way to ring in the new year! 2019 will be such a good year, I can just feel it!


With the countdown over, it was time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks together.

2019 is the year of Animal Crossing for switch, and I hope this new year brings you all the love, happiness and positivity you could ask for. Now 2018 is truly over, I’ll be counting down the days until the new game is released. I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting year with all of you here on my blog!

Did you enjoy the countdown celebrations in your town this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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