Week #1 drawing: ‘Happy New Year!’

January is here and that means my new drawing project has started! During 2019 I want to draw and animate one piece every single week and post it here on my blog.

Once October comes I might try and be even more ambitious and do an Inktober challenge of my own and post every single day… but we’ll see, as October is a long way away and my motivation levels may have dropped significantly by then!

This week’s drawing is a happy little piece that somehow only managed to take me around 2 and a half hours, and although I’m not quite convinced about how I drew Isabelle, I gave her my best shot. Maybe I’ll recreate this drawing next January and see how much my skills have improved!

I really hope you like this week’s drawing, and I’ll be back next week with piece #2 who I think is a character who’s on everybody’s dreamie list…

Indie xoxo

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