January’s Harmonious Themed Campsite

With Tortimer’s Floral Fancy event finished and January well underway, I thought it was about time I showed you my harmonious themed Campsite, as well as my zen camper and my cabin, too.

I really love the zen theme in Animal Crossing- in fact I have a whole zen town, Yokohama, that I’ve yet to share on this blog as it’s not quite finished yet! I really wanted to go all out with the harmonious theme and really make my Campsite extra special to chase those January blues away.

An overview of my campsite showing off the new zen layout!

The campsite has two amenities- a level 5 Redd’s Shrine, and a level 5 Harmonious Fountain. As well as these, I have the bamboo middle ground and the autumnal plank decking.

I also decided to divide the camp into two sides- the left is a cozy Japanese-styled living area featuring wall dividers, cushions and the katana displays from Tortimer’s event, a bench from Gladys’ camellia cookie and a kotatsu I’d already crafted.

On the right side of the camp is a lovely zen-style water garden. I was very lucky to get the arched bridge from the cookie, and I think it goes perfectly with the red colours of the shrine in the background.


The ground floor of my camper

Moving on to my camper van, the ground floor is another zen living area featuring a pink kokatsu that I’d crafted previously, as well as the golden cushions from the event and some more exotic themed furniture. I think the goldfish bowl in the background just finishes off the whole look of the room!


What should I name the pet bird?


I really love this globe!

I was a bit stuck at first as to how I should decorate the upstairs of my camper, but I went with more of an explorer theme than just a zen one. Lots of books scatter the room and a classic bed and clock really give the room that cozy feel.


Last but not least is my cabin! I went a little bit over the top here trying to fit as much harmonious themed furniture in here as possible to create the look of a tea room. I think I succeeded! I love how the paper lanterns look-I think they’re one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the whole game.

Want to add me on Pocket Camp? My ID is 2337 9888 368.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below! How do you have your Campsite styled for January?

Indie xoxo

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One thought on “January’s Harmonious Themed Campsite

  1. You did a really great job with this, I love it! *_* A zen theme for January in particular really appeals to me because I know the New Year is highly celebrated in a lot of Asian cultures, with festivals and lanterns like the ones you have decorated with. Plus it’s just really well put together ❤


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