Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #7

We’re well into the second week in January now, and that means that the second event of the Chilly Jamboree is underway… the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #7!


you’ll be collecting cute lil’ snow-park gyroidites during this event!

We have until January 22nd at 5.59am to collect snow-park gyroidites, which this time are cute little gyroidites wearing blue winter hats!

Get ready to craft some snowy furniture perfect for the January weather!

If you collect enough of the elusive gyroidites, you’ll be able to craft some warm winter clothes and some exciting furniture including some skating rinks and a snow sculpture of Isabelle and Digby! As always though, some crafting items require leaf tickets. The snowflake knit cap, red snowy sweater and nightlight ice rink B all require leaf tickets to be crafted. However, all the other items are able to be crafted with bells and gyroidites, with the nightlight ice rink B needing a whopping 180 gyroidites to be crafted! It’s a good thing we’ve still got 10 days to collect and craft everything… I’ll probably need every second!


Check out those cute nightlight ice rinks!

Here’s the full list of what you can craft during this event.

  • nightlight ice rink A – 180 gyroidites and 4,320 bells
  • twins snow sculpture – 140 gyroidites and 3,360 bells
  • fluffy shearling coat – 80 gyroidites and 1,920 bells
  • yellow peacoat – 30 gyroidites and 720 bells
  • lace-up snow boots – 10 gyroidites and 240 bells
  • nightlight ice rink B – 90 leaf tickets
  • red snowy sweater – 60 leaf tickets
  • snowflake knit cap – 20 leaf tickets

You can even find gyroidites in the trees! Get ready to shake ’em out!

As usual with gyroidite scavenger hunts, you can find gyroidites scattered all over the area, with some even stuck in trees which you’ll need to shake down! They respawn every couple of hours, and you can even find some in the Market Place as well, so make sure to check there too.

There’s plenty of event goals to keep you busy

If you collect enough gyroidites, you can earn snowballs which are used in the Chilly Jamboree event to earn special rewards and furniture! I’m really loving this event so far, are you? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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