An Aurora in Peachtea

Winter is well underway and the snow has been around for a couple of weeks in Peachtea, but tonight was the first night this year that I saw a glimpse of one of the rarest weather conditions in the game… the Northern lights, or the Aurora Borealis.


How pretty does the sky look?


I love this view of the windmill with the aurora in the background!

I had fun just wandering around town, taking in the absolutely stunning views. Even though I’ve been playing New Leaf for so many years, it continues to surprise me with how beautiful my town looks with every new season.


Taking in the views on Main Street

Even Main Street looks fantastic! One of my favourite parts in town


I love how the Town Hall looks all lit up at night.


So picturesque!

There’s a chance that on a clear winter night the Northern Lights might appear in your town, however this is only about the second time I’ve ever seen them in all the years I’ve been playing Animal Crossing! Maybe I should spend more time looking up at the sky…?


I think Rosie loves the aurora too!

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in your game? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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