Bangle’s Animal Print Showcase

A new series begins today on my blog! I’ve recently gotten back into playing Happy Home Designer, so I’ve decided to post about a new house design every single Saturday! I’ve always been pretty poor at interior design in the Animal Crossing games, as town landscaping is more my thing. I can spend hours and hours designing a town and not get bored, but after trying to redecorate my Mayor’s house for 5 minutes… I usually give up.

I wanted to change that in 2019 by designing at least one house every week on AC:HHD so I can learn to appreciate interior decorating in time for Animal Crossing for Switch- and also to try and get my money’s worth out of Happy Home Designer, as I haven’t played it very much since buying it a couple years ago.


Bangle wanted a house to showcase her love for animal prints!

My first project for the new series was to make a ‘Animal Print Showcase’ for Bangle the tiger. I thought this would be a fun, brightly coloured challenge that would keep me interested- and I was right!

Here are the before shots of Bangle’s house. As you can see, the land was really bare, and the interior needed some serious work to get it up to Bangle’s standards! The three essential items she wanted me to include were a sewing machine, a leopard tee and a tiger tee. The idea I had in mind for this house was a classy, upmarket shop (think GracieGrace) selling loads of animal print items, with a cosy little sewing corner for Bangle to create her newest fashion looks.


I love how jazzy this room turned out!


A leopard-themed display

I began by changing the wallpaper to a pawprint wall, and the flooring to the fancy tiled floor, then hanging several different animal print shirts on the walls too, as well as adding in security cameras. I put in display cases too with some fancy items (and more animal print, that goes without saying!) and added some podiums around the shop to put all the emphasis on the items for sale. I tried to sort the items by animal, with a cow-themed display on the left, and a leopard print display on the right.


Bangle’s cosy sewing corner!

Over in the far corner I then added Bangle’s sewing corner. I really like how it turned out with the addition of the loom! I was worried I’d messed up by not making the house have two rooms- one for the shop floor and another for sewing the clothes, but I think having the one larger room divided into two works just as well.


I think she liked how the interior turned out!

I thought that the shop just needed some final touches, so I added in some tiger striped curtains, a yellow bunny balloon and a tiger themed rug as well, and I was done! Now just the outside to revamp…


I was surprised that I managed to finish so quickly, too!

I wanted a sleek, modern exterior for Bangle so I used the modern house with an orange door and roof, a lemon tree, a stump and some sweet olive bushes to decorate. I used a simple tile I made myself to create a pathway up to the house, and I made a sign to place by the gate on an easel that was meant to look like a shop sign!


Bangle looks right at home in front of her modern mansion!

So what do you think of my first Happy Home Designer post? Please let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading! There’ll be more AC:HHD again next Saturday!

Indie xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Bangle’s Animal Print Showcase

  1. I love Bangle’s house! I think the sign outside is a really nice touch, and I love the mix of bright colors and animal prints with the posh dark floor inside — really smart to use the paw-print wall, too! 🙂 Look forward to seeing more from the series! I wish I had dedicated more time for Happy Home Designer as well.


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