I got the Animal Crossing Ski Suit!

Ever since the latest fishing tourney started, I’d been obsessing over getting the Animal Crossing ski suit! Today, with only two days till the end of the tourney, I managed to do it!

I’m in love with this outfit, okay?!

For anyone that’s not taking part in the latest fishing tourney, the above image shows the ski suit. Hopefully you all agree that it’s the best item ever and share my excitement that I finally got it!

I finally did it, it only took 5 days…

To unlock the suit, players needed to catch fish that met a combined size goal of 9,000cm to achieve the golden fish trophy, and then keep catching fish past that point until they unlocked the ski suit. As of right now, my combined size total is 10,028.9- not bad considering I didn’t get the golden rod!

How I styled the ski suit… with my matching camper!

So far I’ve styled the ski suit by pairing it with a green pom-pom knit hat, and pink hair to brighten up the outfit. Last but not least, I made sure my camper was changed to the matching Animal Crossing print pattern for the ultimate style accessory!

So what do you think? Am I unreasonably happy over this ski suit? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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