Week #6 Drawing: ‘To Boldly Go’

For absolutely ages now I’ve been wanting to draw Gulliver in his astronaut outfit from City Folk. I love how he gets a new role as the series goes on- I wonder if he’ll still be a sailor in Animal Crossing for Switch, or if he’ll be something new?

This week’s drawing isn’t animated- I tried to make the background move with some twinkling stars- but it just seemed to detract from the overall picture so I left Gulliver as a still image instead. I think this is actually my favourite drawing I’ve done for this series so far!

What do you think? Please let me know!

Indie xoxo

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One thought on “Week #6 Drawing: ‘To Boldly Go’

  1. I really like Animal Crossing’s tongue-in-cheek characters like Gulliver from Gulliver’s travels, Wendell the starving artist, and Pascal the philosopher. I hope he has a fun role in AC Switch too! This is such a nice drawing of him, nice to see him looking so confident in the stars (before he gets shot by a certain someone with a slingshot).


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