French Article Reveals New Exciting Information About New Horizons

Gamekult was able to meet with Nintendo’s director Aya Kyogoku and producer Higashi Nogami to ask them a lot of questions that fans had been dying to know the answers to.

It’s been nearly a week since E3, but there’s still more information surfacing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons every single day! A very interesting article from revealed lots of juicy information about the newest mainline Animal Crossing game.

However… the article was written in French. As a result, the information in the article hadn’t filtered out to the English-speaking population until yesterday, when Twitter user @_mehdigeek shared the article to Twitter with a translation of some of the key points from the article.

I’ve roughly translated the article with the help of Google Translate to bring you the key points about all the new information revealed by Aya and Higashi to Gamecult.

New Information:

  • There can only be one island per Nintendo Switch console
  • There can be 4 players playing on a local connection and 8 players with online connection
  • New Horizons will not be compatible with Cloud backup to avoid players ‘manipulating time’. Whether that means time travel will be eliminated too still remains to be seen
  • There are no plans to have split-screen multiplayer
  • Voice chat will be available through Nintendo Switch Online
  • Nintendo pays close attention to fans’ feedback
  • Nook Miles will be able to be exchanged for new items to collect
  • New Horizons is planned to be compatible with both amiibo cards and figures, but no more details can be released at this stage
  • You’ll be able to hear K.K slider perform every Saturday
  • There will be new ways to listen to K.K. Slider’s music, including over the radio (even if the radio is placed outside)

Information We Already Knew:

  • Decorations will be able to be placed both inside and outside
  • In-game seasons will depend on the hemisphere the player lives in
  • Nook Miles will provide rewards for the player when certain tasks or requirements are completed
  • You start the game with two animal neighbors, they will check with you before placing their homes to make sure the location is okay
  • Those two original neighbours can’t be forced out, however they can choose to move out on their own
  • New recipes for crafting can be given to you by your animal neighbours
  • Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy will be available on the island from the start of the game
  • An autosave feature will be in place
  • As a result of autosave, Resetti has lost his job. However he might make a return in another role as the player progresses in the game
  • Tom Nook’s provides Resident Services on the island
  • Your animal neighbours are also in debt to Tom Nook
  • No new personality types
  • All hair, skin colours and facial features will be available from the start and will not be restricted by gender
  • Pocket Camp and New Horizons won’t be directly connected, but there may be collaborations between the two
  • Isabelle will make a return providing the player progresses to advance the island enough

What do you think about all this new information? As an avid player with a collection of both amiibo cards and figures, I’m very happy they will be compatible with the new game and I’m sure lots of people feel the same way.


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