About Me

Hello fellow nintendo addicts and welcome to my Animal Crossing blog! My name is Indie and I’ve been addicted to Animal Crossing since 2006 and I’m waiting very impatiently for Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

You may know me from Tumblr as @animalxrossingnewhorizons and I’m also on Twitter, Instagram, Dreamwidth and Pillowfort too, so please check out my content on those sites too!

I’m planning on having two islands for AC:NH just like I had multiple cartridges for New Leaf, and I can’t wait to dive into all the new content!

I also really love to draw and animate anything Animal Crossing- I may not be very good, but I have soooo much fun creating my art that I don’t care!

If you’d like to connect and play Animal Crossing with me, just let me know- I’m most active on twitter and tumblr and will always reply to any DM’s.

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Pocket Camp ID: 2337 9888 368