Welcome to Nowhere; a sleepy, ethereal village where nothing is quite as it seems. Spend a peaceful day walking through the meadows of wildflowers, or pay a visit to the forest shrine. Linger for a while at the hot springs and forget your troubles as you explore every nook of this enchanting island.

  • Mayor: Indie
  • Established: 20/03/20
  • Theme: Rustic/Zen
  • Fruit: X (native),
  • Current Villagers:
  • Dreamies:

Town Map:

Map of Nowhere

About Mayor Indie:

After choosing to escape the bustle of city life, Indie chose to move to Nowhere thanks to Nook and his Desert Island package. However, little did she know that the island she’d found herself on was a truly magical place. Indie works card to ensure that herself and her fellow animal villagers live in harmony with the island, and even as Nowhere becomes more developed, nature still very much rules this fairytale place.