Welcome to Yonder! This bustling tropical paradise is a metropolis full of colourful flowers and vibrant buildings- you’ll never want to leave!

  • Mayor: Saffron
  • Established: 20/03/20
  • Theme: Modern/Tropical
  • Fruit: X (native),
  • Current Villagers:
  • Dreamies:

Town Map:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 12.jpg
Map of Yonder

About Mayor Saffron:

Rural life was never for Saffron. Even though she chose to escape the bustle of the city to come to her own deserted island, she had a vision of the town she wanted to help create. With the help of her island friends, she’s turned the barren island into the hippest tourist destination, where she can showcase her passion for gardening through Yonder’s extensive tropical flower gardens.

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