Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #6 Update!

With only a couple of days left until the latest Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt ends, I thought I’d share with you some photos of Campsite Manager Indie showing off the Toy Day fashions you can get by participating in the event!

The red sweater dress paired with a halo and autumnal glasses from Goldie’s fortune cookie

The red sweater dress only needs 30 Gyroidites to craft and looks so cozy to wear! This is definitely one of my favourite outfits from this event.

The ugly Toy Day jumper with cargo pants, snow boots and a Toy Day fascinator

I personally ADORE Christmas jumpers, so having the chance to dress my character up in the ugly Toy Day jumper was perfect for me! The sweater just needs 50 Gyroidites to craft, and looks great paired with the Toy Day fascinator.


The festive-tree dress and the star hood is a very flashy combination!

And now for my personal favourite combination purely because of how flashy and garish it is… the festive-tree dress and the star hood! You’ll need a massive 200 Gyroidites to craft both of these items. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes!

Campsite Manager Indie’s winter outfit

But what is my character wearing this winter? Campsite Manager Indie has been inspired by Fauna’s Toy Day fortune cookie and is wearing the snowy Toy Day cap from the cookie set, as well a fluffy dress and figure skater boots. Although these items aren’t from the Gyroidite hunt, I really like them and wanted to highlight them on my blog.

There’s still two days left to craft these Toy Day outfits if you haven’t already, so get collecting those Gyroidites! What do you think of these festive outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #6 Update!

  1. I really like these outfits! Especially the last one, so nice to see the “puffy hat” from previous games remodeled a bit and made more versatile (it used to be a powder blue). I love figure skating so it tickles me that they would add those boots ^^


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