Tortimer’s Floral Fancy Has Started!

Get your gardening hat on and get ready- Tortimer’s Floral Fancy event has started down at your Campsite!

Hey, sprout! Are you ready to help Tortimer?

Tortimer is here until January 7th, and he wants your help collecting ripplewing butterflies of various colours which appear on red, white and purple peonies planted during the event.

You can plant both purple and white peonies during the first half of the event

You’ll get a selection of zen-themed furniture and clothing as a reward for completing all of Tortimer’s tasks, as well as snowballs which are the currency of the Chilly Jamboree, which is the seasonal event ongoing right now.

The rewards from Tortimer’s Floral Fancy event are all zen-themed

The Floral Fancy Event is divided into two halves, with the first half running from now until 5.59 am on December 31st. You can plant white and purple peonies during the first half, with a chance to collect Plum ripplewings and Citrus wipplewing butterflies respectively from the peonies.

Well done, sprout! Indie looks proud of herself!

The second half of the event will start at 6am on December 31st, and you’ll still be able to plant purple and white peonies, but there’ll also be a new set of harder tasks that come with more peonies- red ones this time- to plant.

Add me if you want to trade butterflies!

Are you playing Tortimer’s event? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to trade ripplewings, my pocket camp ID is: , so just add me and let me know in a comment what you’ve sent and I’ll return the favour ASAP!

See you soon with an update!

Indie xoxo

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