Nowhere’s backstory

With the release of New Horizons only two days away (not that I’m counting down the minutes or anything…) I thought I’d make a post detailing the backstory I’ve written for the Island of Nowhere and how resident Indie came to arrive there. So without further ado, here’s the story of an enchanted island somewhere way out in the ocean…

The mysterious island of Nowhere is a… peculiar place. Residents that end up on the island have no recollection of how they arrived, and have no memories of their life before. Rumour has it that if you listen closely at dusk on rainy days you can hear the spirits whispering… almost as if they’re calling out to you.

Although residents have forgotten why they came to Nowhere, they somehow know their purpose- to restore the island to its former glory. Slowly, they replant the bamboo groves and plant the seeds of the wildflower meadows. The mysterious shrine is restored.

Sure enough, after a while, the island starts to return to its magical state. The villagers plan to open a bath house, shops and a tea house to make this strange island feel like home. And what of the mysterious whispering spirits? Maybe you should visit Nowhere on a rainy evening and if you’re very lucky you’ll hear them whispering to you…

And what about Indie, the lone human resident of Nowhere? Read on for her story…

Along with a rag-tag bunch of animals, Indie arrived on Nowhere with no idea how she got there. She couldn’t remember any details of her life up until the point where she stepped off the plane, in fact, she couldn’t even recall which airport she’d flown in from. The only thing she knew was her name, Indie. Upon speaking to her animal companions, she discovered they were experiencing the same thing as she was. All they remembered was stepping off the Dodo Airlines flight and before that… nothing.

The island was spookily quiet. With no way to get home, (where was home, anyway? They couldn’t remember,) all they could do was put up their tents, light a fire, and make plans to start making this barren island feel like home. Now, if only they could figure out where these mysterious voices were calling from once the sun went down…


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