Fishing Tourney #10

With the end of January fast approaching, that means it’s time for another Fishing Tourney! Chip has arrived in Lost Lure Creek this time for a spot of river fishing, and your goal is to catch as many salmon, dace, and pond smelts as possible to meet his size challenges! You have until 29/1/2019 at 5.59 am GMT to earn all the rewards, so if you haven’t already, you better get fishing!

But what are the rewards this time round? Among other things, you can win some winter clothing that look perfect for fishing in the snow, as well as an ice-fishing pond and another snow sculpture which will be a great addition to any winter-themed campsites.

My personal favourite reward is the Animal Crossing ski suit! Finally my campsite manager will be able to match with her campervan- expect copious amounts of pictures when I finally unlock this outfit! To unlock this special item, you have to first catch enough fish to earn the gold fish trophy. I better get fishing to make sure I manage to earn it in time!

You can also win tanks with the three new tourney fish for you to proudly display in your campsite. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with this latest tourney so I can collect every single reward!

As usual, you can use leaf tickets to either buy tourney fishing nets, or you can rent the golden rod which lets you catch two fish at once.

Are you taking part in the latest fishing tourney? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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